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The Best Notary Power Web App is a business building tool. Smart business owner’s know that the best source for business is in your list of past customers and the people you meet on a daily basis. A Word-of-Mouth referral from a trusted source is worth it’s weight in gold. Our PWA is the most affordable and efficient tool for getting more referrals, more repeat business, while also providing your customers with a top notch digital experience. The Best Notary Power Web App is a powerful 21st Century Word-of-Mouth marketing tool designed by a notary for notaries.

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Deliver Sticky Contacts on the Fly

All of our PWA’s come with a full suite of Quick Connect Tools designed to give you a quick and easy way to deliver a sticky contact to anyone’s personal mobile device in seconds.  

The Quick Connect Widget uses a text based system to deliver a quick message containing a link to your personalized and customized PWA. The link opens your PWA and immediately prompts the user to save an icon to their screen. Our PWA’s are web or cloud based. This means there’s nothing to download. They work on any mobile device plus desktop. Also, our PWA’s don’t require users to input personal data and can’t access a phones internal data.  They’re safe, fast, and easy to use.  

Automated Booking Forms

Our automated booking forms, standard with all PWA’s, allow your new and returning clients an easy way to request an appointment right from their cell phone.  These forms are fully customizable with drop-down menu, multiple select, radio button, and text box features. The data is delivered directly to one or more email inboxes. The data is also available in spreadsheet form delivered periodically via email.   

Social Media Integrations

A robust social media campaign is critical to success in the modern marketplace. It’s important to remember that social media is mobile. Facebook tells us that of their roughly 1.5 billion daily users, some 93% are viewing on a mobile device.  Instagram and fast growing platform is specifically designed to be viewed on a mobile device. Unfortunately, the days of being able to growth hack your business through social media may be gone.  Their increasingly paid advertising model forces them to throttle who sees your unpaid posts. Our Social media integrations allow your happy clients to like and share your pages right from the PWA. This means more likes, more shares, and eventually more business!   

Text Messaging

Text message marketing is the fastest growing and most effective channel today. Over 98% of all text messages are opened and 70% are opened within the 30-seconds! Consumers report that they prefer text to any other form of communication from their trusted providers of goods and services. More important, a personalized message has a far greater potential to generate a click or view delivered through a text message. The Best Notary PWA comes loaded with a limited budget of messages to get your business off to a quick start.  

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