Best Notary of San Antonio offers Remote Online Notary services to clients worldwide

We’re always nearby. Always ready. Always available. We provide fast, courteous, and affordable notary services to clients worldwide.

Texas Online notarization became legal in 2018 through a change to the Texas Government Code. It allows for the in-person part of the notary process to occur Online via 2-Way Audio/Visual Conference. This means we can legally notarize you right from your personal Mobile Device or any Desktop/Laptop!

Our Notaries are expert at working with clients in Hospitals, assisted living situations and in-home care settings. It’s an ideal solution for clients in facilities that are not allowing visitors. It’s safer and more convenient! We provide friendly and compassionate notarial services and we understand the challenges of notarizing people in assisted living facilities. Please, call ahead for a pre-appointment consultation to insure a successful meeting.

It’s also perfect for San Antonio residents that would prefer to avoid in-person contact due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Remote Online Notarization has been legal in Texas since 2018. It’s an easy and convenient way to get notarized from the safety of your home. We can assist anyone with a Desktop/Laptop or mobile device with a working camera and microphone. It’s easy!

We always appreciate appointments, but we’re happy to meet your notary needs at a moments notice. We’re always open and always available.

  • Documents must have all blanks filled in EXCEPT SIGNATURE
  • No Apps to Download
  • Easier than Zoom! Click the Link and follow the bread crumbs
  • Notary Portal works on almost any device with a working camera and microphone
  • All Signers must show ID to Camera to confirm identity. Signature is submitted in the Portal at the time of the 2-WayAudio/Visual meeting
  • By Law entire notary process must take place in one continuous session inside our secure portal
  • Pay with any card online or over the phone once the Online Notary process is completed
  • On confirmation, we’ll send the documents within minutes
  • Documents notarized Online are original documents. You can easily print, email, or fax your documents directly.  
Adobe Scan is a 100% Free App that allows you to convert any hardcopy document into a PDF File with a Camera Click. Best Notary is not affiliated nor compensated for recommending this App.

Best Notary of San Antonio offers Online Notary services to clients worldwide 24/7/365

We do not have offices and we do not offer any in-person or walk-in service whatsoever. 
  • A VALID ID Pic ID is required for all signers
  • No Exceptions
  • A valid ID means a valid, unexpired, identification card or other document issued by the Federal government or any state government, as defined by the TGC
  • It must contain a photograph and signature of the Signer or Principle

Generally, foreign issued ID cards are not acceptable forms of ID. However, the TGC allows for the use of a foreign passport when the notarization relates to a deed or other instrument relating to
a residential real estate transaction


No. Texas prohibits Notary Public’s from using the term “notario” or “notario publico” when advertising services. A Notario Publico in Mexico and other Central and South American countries is functionally closer to an attorney. Texas Notary Public’s are not allowed to practice Law without a license. To avoid confusion and prevent corruption, Texas prohibits a Notary public from using the term.

Can you provide me with the right document?

Texas does not allow Notary Public’s from providing or giving advice whatsoever in obtaining, producing, or editing documents for clients. It is considered practicing Law without a license.